Tuesday, December 16, 2008

IS Announcements

During the ITC meeting on Friday, IS (Information Systems) made a few announcements that will affect online teachers.
  • When students drop a class their status will be changed to "unavailable" and their work will be retained, even before census day. This is to protect the work of students who are inadvertently dropped from classes. Students who drop more than 7 days before the semester begins will be removed completely from the container as if they were never there.

  • Faculty will not be able to enroll anyone in their containers. This is so that WebAdvisor drives enrollment in your classes, and will prevent situations where a student is enrolled in your Blackboard course, but has never successfully enrolled through WebAdvisor. Each faculty member will have an account created for them that will be enrolled in their courses as a student so that they can view the course as a student does. This student view account will have a username something like stu.yourlastname. If you need to have guest lecturers or others enrolled in your course, you can contact IS at 619-644-7547 to request that they do this for you.
As we gain experience with the Snapshot system, we can adjust how this works in future semesters.

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