Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SafeAssign Slowdowns

Blackboard sent us the following message about SafeAssign performance issues. If you get an error when trying to access SafeAssign, wait 10 - 30 minutes and try again.

"This message is to notify our clients of two intermittent SafeAssign issues due to an increase in volume of papers processed.
Extended time to receive submission results. Typically papers submitted into SafeAssign take a few minutes to process. However, during this peak season there have been multiple occurrences of SafeAssign paper submissions building up in queue. This causes a lag in processing time. While the papers are processed successfully, it can take several minutes up to 2 to 3 hours, due to the current high volume. Note that any papers that accumulate in the queue are processed and do not need to be re-submitted.
Intermittent errors when submitting papers or accessing submissions. Occasionally when a student attempts to submit a SafeAssign paper or an instructor attempts to access a SafeAssign submission,rather than processing the paper or accessing the paper, the user receives an error message. This error signifies that one of the SafeAssign servers is unresponsive due to load. Our team is automatically notified when this occurs and takes immediate action to restart the services, which typically is accomplished in a matter of minutes. Submissions that result in an error need to be re-submitted.
Peak utilization of our SafeAssign product typically occurs during the months of October and November. While we made adjustments to our environment to prepare for this high volume season, we’ve seen a 60% increase in submissions over last year. Therefore, we are currently working to address this additional usage in our SafeAssign environment. We will send a follow up bulletin within the month to share our progress."

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