Friday, October 14, 2011

Tired of Playing Email Ping Pong to Set Up Meetings?

We all know how it works, endless rounds of emails to find a time for a small group of people to meet. Doodle can end all that. is a free website that takes the pain out of finding meeting times that work for everyone. You can find out how it works by watching the videos at

You simply create a poll that has times that you're available and invite participants. Each participant checks off the times they're available, and you choose the time that works best.

Another tool that's rather hidden in Doodle is called MeetMe. You can put up your schedule showing when you're available and allow students to sign up for times to meet with you. It's not quite as sophisticated as the one I use (TimeTrade which costs $50/year), but there's a lot to be said for free!

Give Doodle a try the next time you need to set up a meeting and see how it works. There's nothing to lose!

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