Monday, August 4, 2008

Creating an Assignment

I made a Captivate movie today to show how to create an assignment in Blackboard. The movie is posted to the Faculty Resources page under Build Your Course, or you can link directly to it. I'll be following that up in the next couple of days with a video on how students submit an assignment and then how to grade an assignment.

I like working in Captivate because it allows me to start off by just clicking on all the spots I need to click on, then I can add notes that I will use record to add narration later. These notes can then be used to create the closed captioning. It's a work flow that works for me and the way I like to work. I love using Camtasia for recording quick instructions, where I don't need to worry much about stumbling over my words now and then, or about adding closed captioning. Ultimately, both products are good and I'm glad I have both available to create videos for our campus.

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