Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prezi - The Coolest Presentation Tool

According to Robin Wauters blog post, "Prezi is the coolest online presentation tool I've ever seen."  I think many of you will agree with Robin after you see this tool in action.  If you're tired of PowerPoint and looking for new ways to present material, give Prezi a try.

If you decide to sign up, be sure to use the educational license page to get a free upgrade to the Enjoy version, or reduced price of $59/year on the Pro version (a $100/year savings).

Just keep in mind that since Prezi creates Flash files that are not accessible, these should be used in the classroom only.


Don Ridgway said...

Can you do a printout of some kind, and can you post a link on BlackBoard so that students can print?

Rhonda Bauerlein said...

Yes, you can print to a PDF file. And yes, you can put a link to the presentation in Blackboard, but remember that this is not accessible and should not be used outside the classroom.