Friday, November 30, 2012

Blackboard bug - Hiding the Cengage Tool

There's no need to try this, but if you go to Tools or Tools Area on your Blackboard course menu and click the "Hide Link" button next to Cengage Learning MindLinks, you'll see a blank white area below the Welcome and My Courses tabs. If you've tried this, just click the back button on your browser to take you back to the Tools area.

This bug will be fixed in a future version of Blackboard, but in the meantime, you can fix this bug and hide the Cengage tool by going to the Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability. It's best not to change anything in the Tool Availability section. All you need to do is open it. You don't need to click Submit either. Just click on Tools in your course menu again.

When you return to Tools, the Cengage tool will have magically disappeared.

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