Friday, December 16, 2016

Wrapping Up the Semester and Canvas Update

Wrapping up the Semester

Here are a few things to do before wrapping up the semester and enjoying the holidays.
  • Check your Grade Center total column to make sure it is calculating correctly 
  • Check to make sure you haven't hidden any students that have actually been in the class (Grade Center > Manage > Row Visibility) 
  • Download the Grade Center to your hard drive for safekeeping 
  • Archive (backup) your course

The last two items are more important than ever now that we are transitioning to Canvas. Please be sure to do this for every course you teach before Blackboard goes away in June 2018.

Canvas Update

OEI recently reported that 106 of 115 California Community College campuses (including Compton Center and North Orange Adult) have committed to moving to Canvas. There is a rush of activity around the state at all these campuses to make the transition. We're not alone in this!

We are on track for our pilot faculty to begin teaching with Canvas in 2017 spring. These 12 hardy souls will be on the bleeding edge for everyone else. They will discover problems we don't know about yet so we have solutions in place before the whole college moves to Canvas.

Spring semester is the right time to start learning Canvas. Everyone can begin teaching with Canvas during summer and fall of 2017. All faculty will need to teach all courses with Canvas during the spring 2018 semester. If you want to get started over the break, view the Canvas videos. This two hour course will give you a good start with Canvas.

I scheduled four Canvas workshops for Flex Week. Space is limited, so reserve your spot early. See my workshop schedule for more information on all the workshops I will be offering.

I will begin writing a series of blog posts about Canvas starting during Flex Week. Please help us get everyone on campus to subscribe to this blog at the bottom of my website.

I wish you all a joyous holiday season and happy new year!

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