Saturday, September 13, 2008

Set Up Meetings or Project Sign-ups

Have you ever been frustrated with the process of trying to find a time when several people can meet? Now setting up meetings are easy with For a change, this website doesn't force you to sign up. All you do list the dates and times when you want the event to occur and will give you a link to send to everyone you want to attend. As each person visits the site and checks off which times they are available, you can see what times are workable.
You can also use this tool to have students sign up for project presentations. Be sure to check out the "PowerDoodle" button for more options. You can set it up so that a person can only select one time, hide everyone's choices and make it time zone sensitive for your out of state students.

The second function on this site is "Make a Choice." You can use this for your classes to have students choose which of a list of projects they want to sign up for. It might also work for having students sign up for groups, or to manage large projects where many people contribute different parts of the project. If you can think of other uses, please post them in the comments.

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