Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Improve the quality of YouTube Videos

This tip comes from Lisa Chaddock (Geography). Thanks Lisa!

Many faculty are using YouTube videos to enhance their instruction. You can add the following string of characters to the end of any YouTube url and get the higher definition version if it is available: &fmt=18

It works on many videos if they were originally uploaded in higher quality.

For example:


In the second video you can see much more detail in the floor and wood, as well as the robot. This trick doesn't always work (the key is that the video was uploaded in a higher quality originally), but when it does work, it can improve the quality of the YouTube videos you use to enhance instruction.

An alternative to get higher quality video for your classes is to post your video to Vimeo.


For this to work, you need to either record your own video, or find applicable video that is already available in Vimeo.

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