Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to Hide Students in the Bb Grade Center

When students drop your class they remain visible in Blackboard. This is to protect student work that would otherwise be completely lost if a student was accidentally dropped for any reason. However, having all those extra names in your Grade Center can be distracting or even frustrating. Fortunately, there are two ways to hide students in the Blackboard Grade Center.

Method One
This method is best when you only have a few students to hide.  It will not work in some versions of Firefox until that is fixed by Bb.

  • Go to the Grade Center (Control Panel > Evaluation > Grade Center)
  • Click the chevron next to a student's name
  • Click Hide User

Method Two
This method is best when you have several students to hide.

  • Go to the Grade Center (Control Panel > Evaluation > Grade Center)
  • Hover over the blue Manage button
  • Click Student Visibility
  • Put a check mark next to each of the students you wish to hide
  • Click the light blue Hide Users button
  • The students you selected will now show Hidden in the status column
  • Click Submit to keep your changes

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