Friday, May 27, 2011

New in Bb 9.1 - Rubrics

Blackboard 9.1 includes a brand new Rubrics tool. The Rubrics tool allows instructors to associate rubrics with any column in the Grade Center. Rubrics can be viewed from the Grade Center during the grading process. Blackboard created a video to show you how to use the Rubric tool that can be viewed at

At this point in time, Blackboard rubrics cannot be viewed by students, however that will change in future versions. Until that new version comes out, you can create a screenshot of the rubric and add it to your course content.

Also in future versions, rubrics will become more integrated with grading; allowing you to grade directly from a rubric. For now, it's only a pop-up that you can view while you're grading. This tool may not offer the full functionality you need yet, but depending on your situation, you may find it useful now.

You can find more information about what rubrics are and how to use rubrics in your courses at

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