Monday, June 24, 2013

Problems submitting assignments in Blackboard

A problem has surfaced with submitting regular assignments (not SafeAssignments) in Blackboard. When clicking on an assignment, a student may be bumped out of their course and taken to the Welcome tab in Blackboard. This doesn't always happen, but at this point we know it only happens in the Firefox and IE browsers, but many people using these browsers will not have this problem. Any number of factors may be affecting this issue, but some of the variables are the browser version, the Java version, and if there are any add-ons installed in the browser. So far we haven't determined the exact combination of factors that will cause this error to occur.

The temporary solution is to have students use the Chrome browser to submit assignments. This issue has been reported to Blackboard, and I’ll let you know any further developments on this.

Update: This issue has been fixed. Blackboard runs on several servers, and apparently one of them was goofing off. We had Blackboard reboot this wayward server and assignments can be submitted with any browser now.

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