Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Guest Access to Blackboard Courses

At the beginning of each semester you may want to allow some students access to your course before their add is processed in both WebAdvisor and Blackboard. Turn on guest access to do this.
  1. Make the course available
    Customization > Properties > Make Course Available = Yes
  2. Allow Guest Access
    Customization > Guest and Observer Access > Allow Guests = Yes
  3. Choose the areas guests can access
    Customization > Tool Availability > Check the “Visible to Guests” column for item types you want to show, such as Announcements and Content Area
After doing the above steps you will see a choice on the course menu for items you selected in step 3 to Permit or Deny Guests. 
  1. Click the options arrow next to the menu item

  2. Choose Permit Guests.

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