Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What is Peer Online Course Review?

@ONE is offering this webinar on using the OEI rubric for peer reviews.   

What is Peer Online Course Review?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
12:00pm (pacific time)

In October 2015, the Online Education Initiative published its first Online Course Design Rubric and trained 30 faculty from across the state to use the rubric to evaluate online courses. In the past two years, there have been some amazing results from the course review process, including revisions of courses throughout the state, over 20 workshops introducing and exploring the rubric, 30 additional faculty trained as course reviewers, and a newly revised rubric that promises to be an even more powerful tool. The rubric is turning two, and we’d like to invite you to the party! In this one-hour webinar, we’ll outline the plans for growing Peer Online Course Review, including using the rubric at your campus, training more faculty to be peer online course reviewers (that’s you!), and sharing insights about designing in Canvas that we’ve learned through the course review process.
We’d also be addressing how the rubric benefits all 113 campuses, full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and our students. Though only campuses in the OEI Pilot are eligible for official peer review, the rubric is open and available to all campuses, and both full-time and part-time faculty from all 113 campuses can participate in the free peer online course review training and can become PAID course reviewers.

Please join us for this webinar, and learn more about the newly revised rubric, upcoming rubric trainings, and becoming a peer online course reviewer!


Presented by:

Lené Whitley-Putz

Training & Development Coordinator, @ONE/OEI

Lené teaches online writing and communication courses, but her most
exciting work is leading the peer online course reviewers through the collaboration between @ONE and OEI. She draws from her experiences looking at courses throughout the state and her work with Canvas, to help support faculty and staff professional development across the state.

Autumn Bell 

Chief Professional Development Officer, OEI
Autumn Bell is currently the Chief Professional Development Officer for the California Community Colleges’ Online Education Initiative (OEI). Prior to joining the OEI Management Team, Autumn was with Fresno City College, first as an online instructor and then as the college’s first Director of Distance Education and Instructional Technology. Autumn previously worked at the University of New Mexico as a Senior Training and Development Specialist. While there, she earned her Master’s in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology with an emphasis in Distance Education. In her current position, Autumn works to ensure that California’s 113 Community Colleges have the training and support needed to increase student completion and success rates in online courses using the rich selection of tools provided by the Online Education Initiative.

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