Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guest Speaker for Online Courses

Here's an offer you can't refuse from Kari Wergeland!

To All Online Instructors

Last semester I “visited” one of Cindy Morrin’s online classes as a guest speaker. This was my first attempt at offering a library instruction session online. To get the ball rolling, I started several threads on the discussion forum about various research (information literacy) topics. Then I appeared throughout the rest of the week to answer questions. Cindy jumped in, from time to time, too.

I would be happy to come in to any of your virtual classrooms to help your students become better researchers. My appearance could be geared toward a specific assignment; or I could go over Cuyamaca’s virtual library; or I could cover various search strategies. Of course, I am always open to your suggestions, as well.

If interested, please contact me at or x4412.

If you take Kari up on her offer, here is how you add her as a Guest Speaker for your course:
  1. Go to the Cuyamaca College home page
  2. In the Online Services menu, click GCCCD Online Classes
  3. Click Support for Faculty in the upper right corner
  4. Log in with your email username and password
  5. Click on Blackboard Course Containers in the left side menu
  6. Click ADD an Instructor/Teacher Aide/Workshop Participant/Guest Speaker/Evaluator to a Blackboard container

Or just click this link and log in, but that won’t help you next time you try to remember where this was!

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