Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Surprising Study Results

Jeremy Tutty has summarized a presentation by Penny Ralston-Berg at the 25th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, titled: “What Makes a Quality Online Course? The Student Perspective” in a blog post. The results were not what you may expect!

To quote Tutty:

"As expected, students highly valued technology that worked; clear, consistent navigation in their course sites; and instructions on how to access resources. It was what students found least valuable that caught my attention. Based on this survey, online students do not want to:

  1. Find course-related content to share with the class
  2. Use wikis, shared documents, or other collaborative tools
  3. Introduce themselves to the class
  4. Coach other students
  5. Attend synchronous meetings
  6. Interact with games and simulations
  7. Work in groups
  8. Receive audio or video content


I know I'm surprised! To find out more, please read his blog post or take a look at the PowerPoint slides of the original presentation.

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