Monday, March 21, 2011

SafeAssignments Not Showing Up In Grade Center

We are currently experiencing problems with SafeAssign. From both the student and instructor point of view, SafeAssign is very slow. Students can submit assignments, but once they're submitted, if they click on the link for that assignment again, they get an error that says, "The specified object was not found." The assignment has submitted successfully, but the student can't get that confirmation.

Instructors can view these assignments by going to the Control Panel > Course Tools > SafeAssign > SafeAssignments. However, these assignments are not showing up in the Grade Center at all since March 10th.

This problem has been reported to Blackboard and we hope for a fix soon. In the meantime, the only way to grade these assignments is to view them via the Control Panel, write the grade down (yes, I really do mean use pen and paper... argh!) then once they've all been graded, go to the Grade Center and enter the grades.


Marieke said...

Has this problem already been resolved? We have currently started working with Safe Assignment in BB9 and we have the same problem.

Rhonda Bauerlein said...

yes, it has been resolved. Blackboard fixed it for us. Case #837675 if you want to refer to it.

It happened when we went from http to https. The connection to SafeAssign got messed up and had to be reset.