Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bb 9.1 Workshop Links

We had a great workshop today. I was thrilled to see so many faculty attending either online or in person. You are a dedicated bunch of teachers!

I promised to post a couple of links that I mentioned in the workshop today to this blog so they would be handy for everyone.

First is the "Understanding the Change from Blackboard Learn 9.0 to 9.1 document. This is a "lite" version of the document that Blackboard gave us. I edited 63 pages down to the 21 pages that effect faculty. The rest is a bunch of geeky stuff that you won't miss.

The next link is to the instructions on how to archive your courses. Archiving will give you a backup of your course in case anything goes wrong. You should archive your courses several times a semester. As I mentioned in the workshop, don't skip the last few steps where you save the file to your hard drive. If you don't take those last steps and your course is messed up, the archive won't do you any good since it is part of the course and will be ruined too.

Since I'm on the subject of tutorials, take a look at the other tutorials Chris Rodgers (my counterpart at Grossmont) and I have created for you at Some of them are appropriate for you to link to for your students to show them how to change their email address or submit an assignment.

If you missed the workshop today, you can view the archive at The bad news is that I forgot to start recording until 40 minutes into the workshop. Sorry about that! At least you'll get to see the last 80 minutes of the workshop.

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