Monday, June 27, 2011

Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) on “Online Learning Today...and Tomorrow.”

The Center for Online Learning, Research and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield is hosting a Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) that already has over 2,500 participants registered. This course started June 27th, but there's still time to register and take advantage of the chance to learn, connect, and collaborate with thousands of others around the world that are interested in Online Learning.

There are no grades, certificates, or requirements for this course. You can concentrate on the areas that interest you or take in the entire experience. There will be a weekly webcast on Thursday mornings at 11am Pacific time. This webcast will be recorded, so you can watch it at your convenience. The course runs until August 19th.

Here are the weekly webcast topics:

6/27/2011 Online Learning Today
7/4/2011 Online Learning Research
7/11/2011 Online Learning Technologies
7/18/2011 Online Learning Apps and Mobile Learning
7/25/2011 Public, Private & Open - Learning
8/1/2011 Personal Learning - Informal Learning
8/8/2011 Collaboratives & Collectives in the Clouds
8/15/2011 Online Learning 2011-2021

You can register for this MOOC on the right sidebar about 1/3 of the way down the page at

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