Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Change the Time Blackboard Assignments and Tests Are Due

If you have Blackboard tests and assignments that are due at 11:55 pm or 11:59 pm, please consider changing the due and availability times to 11:00 pm or earlier. 

Blackboard periodically needs to take their servers down for maintenance or emergency repair and they usually do this at 11 pm. If your assignments are due later than 11 pm, some students may find it difficult to submit their tests and papers. We try to give enough notice through Blackboard announcements prior to any maintenance, but I know how easy it is for both students and faculty to just skip past these announcements to go to the course they want to work on.

Changing the due and availability times to 11 pm will make it less disruptive for students when Blackboard maintenance is performed. The Date Management tool is a great way to do this for many assignments and tests all in one place. Just select "List all dates for review" to get started.

Please remember to change the time assignments are due on September 4th to 11 pm because we will definitely be down for about 4 hours that night to do a minor Blackboard update.

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