Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Two Snapshot Runs Per Day

District IS listened to our request from last semester and they are now running Snapshot twice per day to transfer information from WebAdvisor to Blackboard.  Below is the new schedule.

A quick summary is:
  • If a student enrolls between 1:00am and 11:45am today, they will have access to Blackboard about 4:30pm today
  • If a student enrolls between 11:45am today and 1:00am tomorrow, they will have access to Blackboard about 7:30am tomorrow
1st Run 2nd Run
IS data process starts 1:00am 11:45am
Data files on ftp server
(times will vary according to length of process)
2:30am 1:30pm
Blackboard picks up files 4:45am 1:45pm
Blackboard starts Snapshot process 5:00am 2:00pm
Snapshot updates completed
(times will vary according to number of updates)
7:30am 4:30pm
Updates the data entered between 11:45am previous day-
1:00am current day
1:00am-11:45am current day

Note: If the previous Snapshot process is still running, the next one will be aborted

Thanks go to Brian Nath and Debbi Smith for implementing this so our students can access their online classes sooner after adding!

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