Monday, November 24, 2008

Snapshot Day 1

Snapshot got off to a good start today. The biggest part of what we wanted to accomplish seems to have gone well. Section containers were created correctly and students were enrolled into those containers as they were supposed to be. If you have found any problems with that part of the process, please let me know.

Henry Eimstad sent out an email to all faculty covering the password situation. We didn't originally plan to make the change to using WebAdvisor passwords until January, but that change will be happening tomorrow (Tuesday). Hopefully, students will see the notice on the login page.

Students and faculty that are not currently accessing their Blackboard courses using their WebAdvisor login should not see their passwords change. I guess the best advice is to just try all three password variations until you find one that works -- birthdate, WebAdvisor, or the one you've been using all semester.

Let's hope the Borg don't take over the computers tonight and make up entirely new passwords!

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